27 de October de 2021

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Police find counterfeit beverage bottling industrial shed and arrest a man in Campinas

Two hundred empty bottles found at the scene were about to be filled with whiskeys, vodkas and tequilas, the Civil Police reported. Prisoner had already been arrested for the same crime.


The Civil Police located a clandestine industrial shed for bottling counterfeit alcoholic beverages and arrested a man this Tuesday afternoon (26), in the Monte Belo I neighborhood, in Campinas (SP). The 30-year-old prisioner already had a criminal record for counterfeiting drinks.


According to the Special Criminal Investigations Division (Deic), about 200 empty bottles were located in the shed and were about to be filled with fake whiskeys, vodkas and tequilas. In addition, 15 bottles of whiskey were ready for sale. Also according to Deic, 150 liters of grain alcohol and another 100 liters of counterfeit whiskeys were also seized. Counterfeit products, which imitated drinks from brands such as José Cuervo and Ciroc, were handled in a precarious and unsanitary place.


The arrested man was approached as he arrived home with a vehicle full of alcohol barrels for the manufacture of counterfeit drinks. The alcohol, informed Deic, had been purchased at a plant that will be investigated by the specialist.

Representatives of the Brazilian Association of Beverages (Abrabe) were in the shed and carried out the tests that found the counterfeiting.


The man arrested already had criminal tickets for counterfeiting drinks and theft. He was fined for the crime of falsifying a food product, which provides for 4 to 8 years of imprisonment. The suspect was sent to the jail of the 2nd Police District (DP) of Campinas.


Source: https://g1.globo.com/sp/campinas-regiao/noticia/2021/10/26/policia-localiza-galpao-de-envasamento-de-bebidas-falsas-e-prende-homem-em-campinas.ghtml

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