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  1. This term regulates the use of confidential information on the counterfeiting recognition instructions of brands of companies associated with BPG;
  2. Users of the restricted area expressly agree to maintain confidentiality of the information and images made available in this area, notably on the characteristics of original products and how to differentiate them from counterfeit products, ensuring that only public servants involved in the retention, seizure , expertise or any other procedures related to counterfeit or smuggled products are aware of the accessed content;
  3. Reproduction of information or images made available in this restricted area without the prior and express authorization of BPG is prohibited, except for the mention of characteristics of a certain product or reproduction of images of products in forensic work, under the responsibility of official experts from the Institute of Criminalistics or Official Expert Bodies;
  4. Users of this restricted area undertake not to transmit, distribute or make available by any means the information made available in this restricted area, without the prior and express consent of BPG;
  5. BPG uses encryption techniques, firewalls and other technologies applicable to security, to protect the consistency and security of the information made available in this restricted area, as well as to prevent unauthorized access or improper use;
  6. If there is improper use of the information accessed in this restricted area or in violation of the terms of access set out above, BPG reserves the right to restrict access or remove information from the site without prior notice or consent of users, without prejudice to the appropriate measures for investigation. of responsibilities;
  7. Any questions or inquiries about this term or about the information made available on the website or specifically in the restricted access area, may be sent via email:


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Copyright 2024
BPG Brand Protection Group - All rights reserved