July 16, 2020

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PRF seizes about R$ 6 million in smuggled goods

Among the goods, there were 2,500 cell phones, in addition to other electronics and anabolic steroids. A couple was caught in the act.


Agents of the Federal Highway Police (PRF) seized on Wednesday night (15), in Nova Esperança, a truck that transported almost R$ 6 million in smuggled goods. The products, mostly electronic, were hidden in a corn load.


According to the PRF, the approach of the vehicle happened around 10pm, after the police found out that one of the headlights was not working. A 60-year-old man, accompanied by his 55-year-old wife, was arrested.


“After the approach, the couple was very apprehensive, motivating the police to request the return of the truck to the PRF Operational Unit in Alto Paraná for a thorough inspection. At the Unit, the agents discovered under the load of corn several boxes of cell phones, electronics, medicines and anabolic steroids, all from foreign countries, without due customs clearance or import authorization by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) ”, explained the PRF.


After verification, the agents counted 2,500 cell phones, 2,000 different electronics units, 20,000 medication pills and 1,000 ampoules of anabolic steroids. According to the PRF, the entire cargo is valued at more than six million reais.


“The driver reported that he loaded the illicit products along with 32 tons of corn in Ponta Porã / MS and intended to unload them in Maringá, in the northwest region of the state,” said the PRF. The goods and vehicle were sent to the Federal Revenue, and the two were arrested at the Federal Police station, both in Maringá. The couple can be held responsible for the crimes of smuggling, embezzlement, forgery and adulteration or alteration of a product intended for therapeutic or medicinal purposes.



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