February 21, 2022

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Police arrest gang and seize 300 boxes of counterfeit drinks in Campinas

Four suspects were arrested and a 15-year-old boy was taken in a shed in the Chácara Campos Elíseos neighborhood. One of the criminals tried to offer R$16,500 to the police.


The Military Police arrested four men and found a teenager suspected of counterfeiting drinks on Saturday afternoon (19), in the Chácara Campos Elíseos neighborhood, in Campinas (SP). According to the Police, one of the criminals tried to bribe them with an amount of R$ 16,500.


The criminal who offered the money was also arrested for active corruption. Also according to the corporation, the team was on patrol through Jardim Santa Tereza when they received a complaint about a shed on Rua José Ismael Camargo, where the counterfeit products were.


According to the investigation carried out on the spot by EPTV, an affiliate of Rede Globo in the city, about 300 cases of beer were seized. The money offered to bribe the police was collected along with the drinks.

According to the PM, the bottles had their labels changed and would be resold as if they were another brand. The adulteration was done manually, with a glue, found inside a pan. At the scene, the suspects had metal lids and labels of different brands.


The expertise was in the shed late this Saturday afternoon. The four detainees were sent to the 2nd Sectional Police Station of Campinas (SP), where the case was presented. The apprehended teenager is at the disposal of justice.


Source: https://g1.globo.com/sp/campinas-regiao/noticia/2022/02/19/policia-detem-quadrilha-e-apreende-300-caixas-de-bebidas-falsificadas-em-campinas.ghtml

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