March 29, 2019

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Operation of Deic closes 2 factories due to suspicion of footwear counterfeit in Franca, SP.

Innvestigation came from seizures carried out in popular shopping centers in the capital. Responsible for companies will respond for crime against trademark registration.


Two footwear factories were closed in Franca (SP) on Thursday (28) in an operation of the State Department of Criminal Investigations (Deic) to combat piracy. No one was arrested.


The companies, located at Rua Cassiano Ricardo and Avenida Dom Pedro I, are suspected of producing counterfeit footwear from famous brands to be sold in well-known shopping centers such as Rua 25 de Março and Brás region in São Paulo.


According to the department, the investigations began from seizures of products in warehouses located in the main areas of popular shopping centers of São Paulo. In addition, the agents were provided by representatives of the rightholders with documents on improperly worn brands on footwear. According to Deic, counterfeit products were sold for a third of the value of the originals.


“Undoubtedly products that are counterfeit have a quality far inferior to those original products that undergo numerous quality tests within the technical specifications determined by numerous government agencies,” said delegate Wagner Carrasco.


During the task force, 20 police officers participated in the search in Franca, Deic said. Factories that were closed on Thursday produced up to 1,000 shoes per week and were in operation when the operation was launched. In addition to footwear, machines were seized. All material was taken to the expertise in São Paulo. Those responsible for the companies were released after giving testimony at the police station, but will respond for a crime against trademark registration.



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