March 22, 2023

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Joint operation investigates tax crime against beverage manufacturing company in the State

The Civil Police of Mato Grosso, together with the State Prosecutor’s Office and the State Department of Finance, deployed, on Tuesday (21), Operation Hangover for compliance with search and seizure warrants and confiscation of values against those investigated for identity fraud, crime against the tax system, counterfeiting food product and criminal organization.


There are six search and seizure warrants served and the seizure of BRL 195 thousand in the accounts of persons and companies investigated.


The operation, coordinated by the Police Department Specialized in Financial Crimes, aims to intensify the investigation aimed at combating the activities of a criminal group involved in counterfeiting and possible tax evasion.


The investigations began with documentation from Sefaz informing a tax evasion scheme in the field of alcoholic beverages, through fraudulent arrangements to hinder the detection, monitoring and collection of ICMS. Among the companies linked to the group, two of them may have evaded values exceeding BRL 2 million.


In documents analyzed it was possible to identify acquisitions made by the suspects, which point to the purchase of common inputs in the manufacture of alcoholic beverage whiskey. However, there is no evidence of sales of these products in natura. With the inconsistency found in the records of output and input, it is possible that the marketing of these clandestinely manufactured products has occurred.


The operation is part of strategic action planning Defaz, MP-MT and Sefaz, through the Interinstitutional Committee for Asset Recovery (Cira), focused on reprehension of tax evasion in the state of Mato Grosso.


The action was supported by Sefaz, State Procon, Specialized Police Department of Consumer Protection, Politec and Specialized Police Department of Anti-Corruption.


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