February 8, 2021

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Civil Police seizes pirate material in Capivari

On Wednesday 03, the Civil Police of Capivari carried out an operation and seizure in a commercial establishment located in the city center.

The investigations began, after the police authority obtained knowledge of the facts, through a complaint sent by a certain company, in which it exposed that the establishment was dowloading pirated content on CDs and DVDs.


During the police investigation, it was found that the accused has a crime of the same nature (copyright infringement), facts recorded in 2018, and at that time it were seized another 14,000 CDs and DVDs in the same commercial establishment, as well as computers allegedly used for recording media.


Given the situation the Titular Delegate. Dr. Maria Luisa, represented by the Search and Seizure Warrant in the Commercial Establishment, being granted by the 2nd Court of the Forum of the District of Capivari.


At the site, agents located and seized hundreds of counterfeit media, computers, and various equipment used in the production of piracy.


The owner of the establishment was not found, an employee was referred to the police station so that the appropriate measures were adopted by the police authority. All objects have been seized.


Source: Polícia Civil apreende material pirata em comércio no centro de Capivari (seujornal.com.br)

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