February 7, 2022

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Civil Police seizes more than 3,000 illegal eyewear in Porto Alegre downtown.

An inspection carried out by the Civil Police this Thursday (3) in two stores in the Historic Center of Porto Alegre resulted in the seizure of about 3,300 sunglasses and glasses, in addition to inappropriate frames.


The glasses were sold without a prescription, which is considered irregular. Sunglasses, on the other hand, were counterfeit and without origin, and were also harmful to health. The products, of “very low quality”, according to delegate Joel Wagner, were even sold for less than R$ 10 and in a kind of wholesale.


In some stores, people arrive thinking they are not buying on the street — he says, noting that the stores also end up selling the products to those who work in street commerce. — People are fooled into buying a product in a store thinking it is good. It is not a quality product. It will really be bad for your health. Wagner points out that the products are irregula.


Those responsible may be held accountable for crimes against consumer relations, industrial property and trademarks, copyright infringement and sale of counterfeit (pirated) products.


Regarding the legal implication for consumers, the delegate emphasizes that the product can come to be classified as originating from embezzlement, but that the main problem is the damage to their own health.


The seizure is part of a permanent action by the police station, called Tá na Vista. Since it began, in January, almost 15,000 glasses have been seized in six stores in Tramandaí and in three in Porto Alegre.


According to Wagner, the action aims to curb the counterfeiting and commercialization of products unfit for human consumption, ensuring the health and safety of consumers.


Source: http://diariogaucho.clicrbs.com.br/rs/policia/noticia/2022/02/policia-civil-apreende-mais-de-3-mil-oculos-e-armacoes-ilegais-no-centro-de-porto-alegre-23233700.html

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