March 29, 2017

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BPG participates in the launching of the campaign “The Brazil we all want” in Brasilia

The Joint Parliamentary Coalition to fight against smuggling and counterfeiting and the Protection Action of the Brazilian Legal Market launched in Brasilia, in partnership with the Federal Government, the “The Brazil we all want “campaign.


The objective of the campaign is to urge Parliamentarians, the government and civil society in the effort to generate income, jobs and collection, as well as to gather proposals for the protection of the Brazilian market. The goal is to stop the practice of smuggling in Brazil.


The Brand Protection Group – BPG is part of a group of more than 70 business entities and organizations from civil society that support the campaign.

In 2016, the illegal market generated losses of R$ 130 billion for the country, losses of productive sectors such as tobacco and clothing and tax evasion.


The Minister of Justice, Osmar Serraglio, signed a memorandum of understanding with the main measures and actions for the inspection and the combat against smuggling.


Some of the main objectives of the term are: to identify financial resources for investment in human and technological resources; to provide technical and operational support for the execution of the National Borders Plan, with special attention to socio-economic actions and inspection of the border between Brazil and Paraguay; to foster international and legislative discussions; and to make society aware about the impacts of illegality with the aim of decreasing the consumption of counterfeit products.



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