January 26, 2022

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3,000 counterfeit items seized by the police

The Federal Highway Police (PRF) seized on Thursday (20) a large load of counterfeit products and/or without an invoice. Among the items were clothing, accessories for cell phones and tablets, chargers, headphones, watches and smartswatch bracelets, among others.


The seizure was at KM 408 of BR 242, part of the Bahian municipality of Seabra. When the teams approached a bus that was on the Goiânia (GO) x Recife (PE) line for inspection, the police found 6 volumes distributed in bags in the luggage compartment. plastics, for which the driver presented invoices detailing 60 units of assorted pants. However, when analyzing the packaging, the team found a total of 540 units of pants bearing the Colcci, Morena Rosa and Lance Perfume brands. None of the products had packaging with the corporate name and CNPJ of the manufacturers.


Still approaching on the same bus, the PRFs found a second load in which it was found that the quantity and types of goods did not match what was described in the invoice. All products are of foreign origin, do not have a manual and packaging with guidelines in Portuguese, certification seals from regulatory agencies INMETRO, ANATEL or description of the importer, facts that characterize the crime of embezzlement. It was also observed that some items, especially mobile phone cases, misuse trademarks (Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi), which characterizes the crime of irregular use of trademarks owned by others.


In total, more than 3000 items were seized, including 2951 accessories for cell phones and tablets (films, plastic and leather covers), 48 data cables, 169 cell phone chargers, 11 vehicle chargers, 93 headphones, 35 power banks and 16 speakers.

These counterfeit products are often sold in stores and resold as genuine. The consumer who buys counterfeit clothing/product is financially harmed and is also at risk when using merchandise that does not meet the quality criteria. Those responsible (sender/recipient) of counterfeit products have been identified.


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