February 16, 2018

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PRF intercepts truck convoy with more than R$ 12 million of illegal cigarettes that would be deliver

The Federal Highway Police (PRF) seized yesterday at BR-060, in Sidrolândia and Maracaju (Mato Grosso do Sul), a convoy with five double trucks. According to the PRF, each double truck carried at least 900 boxes of smuggled cigarettes from Paraguay. The total load, with 2.2 million packets, is estimated at R $ 12 million and, according to the suspects, would be delivered in Rondonópolis.


As reported by the PRF, they suspected of a group of three trucks traveling together on the federal highway. By taking the approaching, in Sidrolândia, the agents found the goods. After that, two other vehicles were intercepted, one in the same city, and another one in the neighboring municipality, in Maracaju. Each double truck was completely loaded with cigarettes. Considerinf all interceptions, 15 trucks were seized.


Four men, aged between 28 and 30, were arrested. The fifth driver escaped. All men had already been arrested by the PRF, in Jaraguari, also in Mato Grosso do Sul, on January 20th of this year. At the time, according to the police, they were caught in a convoy with six truckloads loaded with 2.4 million packets of smuggled cigarettes from Paraguay. The cargo, according to the accused, would also be taken to Rondonopolis.


At that point, the biggest seizure until then, the suspects were taken to the Federal Police in Campo Grande (MS), for smuggling of cigarettes, clandestine use of communication system and criminal association. Now the four arrested and the five trucks were taken back to the Federal Police of the Mato Grosso do Sul.

Hitherto, the two seizures are the largest of the year made by the PRF. All defendants and vehicles are from the State of Goiás. The case is being investigated.


Fonte: Só Notícias/Herbert de Souza (fotos: assessoria)

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