July 28, 2022

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Police seize counterfeit products in central region of Sorocaba

Nine operations have already been carried out this Year.


Civil Police officers from the Specialized Division of Criminal Investigations, Deic, have seized products with signs of counterfeiting in a store in the central region of Sorocaba.


The police operation was carried out in a store on Boulevard Dr. Braguinha. The Civil Police were accompanied by lawyers representing the brands that are being sold as original products in the store.


Almost a thousand products were seized, without invoice, including caps, t-shirts, tennis pairs, and sunglasses. The products were placed in 50 bags and transported to Deic’s headquarters.


This whole investigation began after denunciations. The representatives of the seven brands calculate a loss of 320 thousand reais if they were sold at the original value. One of the seized pairs of sneakers, for example, could be sold for R$600, at its original price, but in the store, it was being sold for R$200.


Only this year, the Police have already conducted nine operations in the central region of Sorocaba and 30 stores were visited.


The owners of the store will be heard by the Deic Chief of Police to find out about the origin of the products. The investigation also involves points about who produces these pieces, including whether there are analogous conditions of slavery involved in this production.


Source: https://www.band.uol.com.br/band-multi/campinas-e-regiao/noticias/policia-apreende-produtos-falsificados-na-regiao-de-sorocaba-1652167

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