June 3, 2022

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No documentation: truck with 600 boxes of sneakers seized in Cajazeiras

Tax Auditors from the Treasury Department applied a fine of more than R$ 126 thousand in ICMS.


The State Department of Finance (Sefaz-PB) seized, on Friday 20th, a truckload of footwear without tax documentation, on BR 230, in the Cajazeiras-Sousa direction. The fiscal action was led by the State Operation Center (COE) of SEFAZ and the Sub-Management of Goods in Transit of the 5th Regional Management, with the support of the auditors of the Fiscal Station Nilson Lopes of Cajazeiras.


After confirming the truck loaded with footwear without tax documents on BR 230, the tax auditors from the 5th Regional Management took the vehicle to the Nilson Lopes Tax Station to check and calculate the ICMS tax and penalty. 600 boxes of sneakers without fiscal documentation were accounted for. After the irregularity was verified, a notice of infraction was drawn up and the amount of ICMS and fine of R$ 126,114.00 was charged, which was properly collected to the state treasury.


Intensified fiscal actions – The Sefaz-PB remains with intensified fiscal actions in the five regional managements of the State as a way to curb the circulation of goods with bad documentation, pending regularity or without invoice. The objective of the inspections, with mobile blitzes on the highways and inspections of goods in transit, through monitoring, interceptions, and channels for complaints, is to combat tax evasion and unfair competition in the market.


Source: https://f5online.com.br/sem-documentacao-carreta-com-600-caixas-de-tenis-se-apreendida-em-cajazeiras/

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