20 de June de 2022

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Federal Highway Police catches counterfeit products on Dutra highway, in Resende

Federal Highway Policemen (PRF) caught several counterfeit goods inside a bus of the Foz do Iguaçu x Rio de Janeiro line, around 11:30am, on Monday, at km 330 of Presidente Dutra Highway, in Engenheiro Passos, in the city of Resende/RJ.


They found in a box in the trunk of the vehicle 100 (pirated) shirts of national and international soccer teams. The driver of the vehicle said that the goods had been dispatched, but that there was no passenger responsible and no invoice.


In view of the facts, the “pirated” goods were seized due to the crime of counterfeiting and the case was filed at the 89th Police Station in Resende for appropriate measures. No one was arrested.




Counterfeiting is the practice of copying all or part of a work, even if the source is mentioned. In popular terminology, piracy, although this is less comprehensive. When we refer to counterfeiting, we have in mind both violation of intellectual property and unauthorized reproduction.


Source: https://destaquepopular.com.br/2022/05/24/prf-flagra-mercadoria-pirata-da-dutra-em-resende/

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