November 5, 2014

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Seizure of 95,000 illegal lighters in Rio de Janeiro

Last Thursday, October 30rd, 2014, after a detailed investigation of critical places selling illegal lighters in the Metropolitan Area of Rio de Janeiro, performed by the Brand Protection Group – BPG, a DRCPIM-RJ (Police Department of Repression against Crimes Against IMATERIAL Property), conducted a search and seized operation of these product in three distinguished regions: Mercadão de Madureira , Central do Brasil e Calçadão de Nova Iguaçu.

The operation was led by the delegate Mrs. Valéria Aragão Sádio, Chief of Specialized Police Station, also it mobilized three teams, total number added up to 14 people and 06 police cars to comply with the seize operation simultaneously in the three areas.


The Brand Protection Group, at that moment represented by three lawyers, offered logistic support to the action, by providing trucks and helpers, besides material for storage.


95,000 illegal lighters have been seized in seven stores, those lighters did not comply with legal specification required for their commerce, such as the INMETRO label. Those responsible for the distribution stores were taken to the police station for questioning.


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