March 2, 2023

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Revenue Service Office operation seizes 280 thousand in counterfeit products near Feiraguai

The IRS held on this Tuesday (28) morning, in the surroundings of Feiraguai, in the downtown area of Feira de Santana, an operation to seize counterfeit products. In an interview to Conectado News, the auditor and delegate of the Federal Revenue, Samuel Pereira de Almeida Junior, detailed the objectives and how the operation was conducted.


“We had an operation in the surroundings and not inside the Feiraguai, targeting six companies that sell electronics and electronic accessories, such as mobile phones, speaker, headphone, among other products. The brand representatives identified evidence of piracy and counterfeiting, so they were irregular on the market and were damaging the original brand, so in order to protect the national industry or fair competition and legal trade and formal employment, the Federal Revenue Service acted promptly and the brand representatives were present at these locations,” he said.


CN – How much damage was caused to the producers of the original products?


Samuel Pereira – The damage caused to the original brand representatives is immeasurable, because they are always selling the products on the alternative market. 112 volumes were seized, enough to fill a medium-sized truck, totaling approximately BRL 280,000 in products.


CN – Where will the seized products go?


Samuel Pereira – If they are really counterfeit products, they can’t go to auction, because they can’t return to the market, but they can be de-characterized and donated, for example, if there is a feature that mentions a brand, this feature can be remodeled and redesigned to be donated, a mobile phone case can become a handicraft, the products can be destined to other functions or destroyed because they can’t return to the market.


Traders at the site closed their doors at the time of the arrival of the IRS, however, the delegate said they did so in vain and that this action gives rise to a future operation in the shops that closed their doors.


“All the shops that were the target of the operation were inspected, those who closed their establishment did so in vain, they could be selling their goods because the IRS would not visit them. It may be that we will now pay them a visit, as they have shown signs of selling irregular goods. In view of the operation, we seek to enter with the establishment open, the operations are planned, without judicial authorization, but using the prerogatives established in the National Tax Code and customs legislation, “he concluded.


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