February 10, 2021

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Proposal extends penalty for trading counterfeit automotive parts

Bill 5258/20 increases the penalty for those who sell counterfeit vehicle parts. The text is being processed in the Chamber of Deputies.

The current penalty for commercial fraud is imprisonment from one to five years, and a fine. The proposal increases this period by one third if it involves the purchase and sale of counterfeit auto parts. The text is by deputy Lincoln Portela (PL-MG) and amends the Penal Code.


According to him, the trade in irregular automotive parts has been growing in the country in recent years. Portela gave as an example the seizure, in 2019, of more than 100 thousand counterfeit pieces in Goiás. The irregular merchandise was valued at R $ 5 million and was resold in several states in Brazil.

“It is imperative to harden our penal system in order to severely restrain such harmful conduct,” said Portela.
The project also equates irregular or clandestine commerce with commercial activity. The objective is to allow the concept of fraud in commerce, foreseen in the Penal Code, to be applied to a greater number of criminal conduct.


Source: https://odocumento.com.br/proposta-amplia-pena-para-comercio-de-peca-automotiva-falsificada/

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