April 10, 2018

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Police seizes four tons of counterfeited products in a bus garage in Rio de Janeiro

The depot was found in the port area this Monday. The operation was held by DRCPIM.


The DRCPIM – Delegacy of Repression to Crimes against Immaterial Property seized this Monday (9th) about four tons of smuggled and counterfeited products. At the beginning, the police informed that about two tons had been seized, but after weighing a larger amount was confirmed.


The officials burst the place which was inside the bus garage of a company named 1001, in Caju, in Rio port area. The bus company carries loads inside bus trunks of JCA Group, that operates the busses of 1001, Viação Cometa and Catarinense companies.

“The police used to pay attention only to street vendors. This time is over. Let’s fight the big depots and the big counterfeiting financiers. The Civil Police is going to hunt down the root of the problem from now on”, said the police chief Maurício Demétrio.


After analyzing some of the goods, the police confirmed that a great amount of seized materials is clothing, as well as food supplement and electronic items such as sound amplifiers. “There were a lot of clothes, sneakers and shoes in general, food supplements, all without Anvisa identification. Many counterfeited clothes come from a provider in Uruguaiana”, he added.


In a public statement, the media relations of Buslog, a company that shares the same garage and is part of the same economic group, reported that the goods were sent according to current legislation. “Buslog, a parcel transport company, explains that the seized products today in Rio de Janeiro by the DRCPIM in our depot in the port area, were sent in accordance to legislation regarding our responsibilities as haulers. The load had the necessary documentation required. Therefore, the company also considers itself to be a victim of the situation and is available to the authorities to clarify the situation as soon as possible”, says the note.


Fonte: https://g1.globo.com

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