February 23, 2017

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Police seizes 2,1 thousand beverages

On Wednesday 22nd, the Sorocaba Civil Police seized 2246 bottles of alcoholic beverages of different types and brands, in a liquor store located on Karim Jammal Street, in the Jardim Monte Rey neighborhood, in Sorocaba. The beverages are suspected of being counterfeit. According to the Chief of Police Veraly Ferraz, police officers arrived at the scene after an anonymous report said that the counterfeit goods were being sold at the site in the west area of the city. Among the products seized there were several bottles of whiskey, vodka, tequila, liquor, rum, cognac, and others.


The owner and an employee were taken to the 3rd Police Station (DP), where they were heard and then released. According to the Chief of Police who investigates the case, the owner of the warehouse did not present documents nor invoices proving the acquisition and origin of the beverages. “He confessed that he buys the products in Paraguay and from a boy in the city of São Bernardo do Campo,” said Veraly.


According to the Chief of Police, the products were exibted for sale at the place and stocked there. “The owner of the business said that he sold the products for the realization of parties in Sorocaba and for some establishments in the city.” The Chief of Police also said that the warehouse has a website, where alcoholic beverages are also sold nationwide. “All the products seized will be analyzed by an expert and we are awaiting the result to charge the business owner for the crimes of smuggling and counterfeiting.” A copy of the police report will also be sent to the Federal Police, because some of the products might have come from Paraguay.


This case is being investigate by the 3rd Police Station (DP).



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