September 9, 2021

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Police seized 500 pairs of counterfeited sneakers in Campinas

Driver and assistant brought cargo from Minas Gerais; they were heard but released.


Police officers from DEIC (Specialized Division of Criminal Investigations), of the DIG (Delegation of General Investigations) of Campinas, seized this Thursday (2) approximately 500 pairs of fake famous brand sneakers.


According to the corporation, they received information that a truck would be bringing several counterfeit sneakers to be distributed in the Campinas region.


After receiving the information, the DIG officers approached the vehicle while still on Rodovia Dom Pedro (SP-065). Inside it, several bags with the counterfeited pairs of sneakers were found.


The driver, 41, and the assistant, 42, informed that they had brought the cargo from Minas Gerais. The destination was, in fact, the region of Campinas.


They informed that they were hired only to carry out the load and deliver it to a person in Campinas. Both were released after giving testimony.


Also according to the Civil Police, investigations are now continuing to identify the origin of the shoes, as well as the supplier of the counterfeit shoes.



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