December 9, 2021

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Operation seized four tons of goods at BC Camelódromo

This Wednesday morning (8th), the Civil Police carried out the operation “Secure Etiquette 4”, a joint action formed by the Federal and State Revenue, Procon, State Council to Combat Piracy (CECOP/SC) and OAB, in Balneário Camboriú, at the camelódromo on 1520 Street.


The action aimed to fulfill 66 search and seizure warrants in combating crimes against material property, against trademarks and tax evasion.


40 civil police officers participated in the operation and a total of 80 people were involved, including 19 auditors from the FederalRevenue.


Four tons of material seized


According to police chief Pedro Mendes, from the DEIC/PCSC Tax Office, the searches aimed to seize material of illicit origin, investigate possible tax evasion by the companies that sold this material and also verify the origin.


The delegate estimates that four tons of material were seized. Now, the products will be sent to the expertise. “After the expert report and the work completed, if piracy is really found, the material is destroyed and taken out of circulation”, reported the delegate.



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