June 28, 2021

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New seizure of counterfeit drinks: 102 bottles

The accused was caught for the same crime for the 2nd time, now in Barão Geraldo; the 1st was on the Iris Satellite.


A 26-year-old man had 102 bottles of counterfeit whiskey seized yesterday. He was already being monitored by police officers from the 1st General Investigations Precinct (Dig) of the Specialized Criminal Investigations Division (Deic-Campinas). The action, with authorization from the 4th Criminal Court, took place in the suspect’s house, in the Real Parque neighborhood, in the Barão Geraldo district.


Before fulfilling the search and seizure warrant, the civil police had already approached the same accused in the Satellite Iris neighborhood, where he sold counterfeit whiskey, using a vehicle to offer the illegal product in commercial establishments. In the car were 84 bottles of suspicious drinks.


Taken to the police station for clarification, the man said that he purchased the fake bottled drinks as being from famous brands – such as Jack Daniel’s, White Horse, Johnnie Walker, Black Label, Red Label, Absolut, Ciroc and Passaport – from a person he knew and that he sold the products on social networks, selling them at prices well below the market.


Only R$ 25

To the police, the man told that he paid the counterfeit drink for an average of R$ 25.00 per bottle and resold it for twice the price. A survey carried out by the police with experts indicates that the brand’s original products have values between R$ 150.00 and R$ 250.00 in the legal market. Accused for the crime of counterfeiting food products, the accused is subject to a penalty of 4 to 8 years in prison.


He was sent to the jail of the 2nd Police District of Campinas (São Bernardo), where he will await the custody hearing, which will decide on the maintenance of preventive detention for an indefinite period or the provisional release of the accused, under judicial conditions.


According to the Civil Police, yesterday, experts from the Brazilian Association of Beverages (Abrabe) were at Deic Campinas performing tests on the seized drinks and found the irregularities in the products. An official report was also requested from the Criminalistics Institute (IC) to be attached to the investigation investigating the case.


For at least two months, police officers from Campinas and region have been investigating the actions of “manufacturers” and traders of counterfeit beverages, usually of traditional national and imported brands.


The products end up being sold in retail on social networks and even wholesale, reaching wineries, markets, bars, nightclubs and parties in the region with prices below the market.


In addition to the illegality itself, the crime of forgery, the modality worries the health authorities and the entire health network, since the places where the police catch the forgery are devoid of any hygiene conditions. “We even found gallons of counterfeit whiskey and the alcohol used to mix[/TEXT] the drinks poured into a laundry tank. The mixture was filled with dirty mugs and funnels”, reports one of the investigators.


He adds that counterfeiters used bottles found in junkyards, sealing them for resale. Between the past 5th and 20th, there were seizures of at least 1,000 bottles of fake drinks in Campinas, Indaiatuba and Paulínia.


Source: https://correio.rac.com.br/campinas-e-rmc/2021/06/1099623-nova-apreensao-de-bebidas-falsificadas-102-garrafas.html

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