June 9, 2021

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More than 3 million reais in losses: PRF seizes two trucks loaded with cigarettes

Three criminals were arrested and two cloned trucks and a car were seized.


This Tuesday (08) afternoon, the Federal Highway Police intercepted a gang bringing a large amount of smuggled cigarettes to Brazil. Three vehicles were seized and three criminals arrested in two approaches in Gravataí.


In an action with the participation of the PRF’s intelligence service, the police identified a gang that used two trucks and a car to transport illegal activities. The vehicles were seen on BR 285 in Vacaria, but lost during a heavy rain.


A few hours later, one of the trucks, a Mercedes Benz, was spotted leaving the highway towards Gravataí, where it was approached. With it traveled a Logan, which supported the transport. The truck was fully loaded with contraband cigarettes. The two drivers were arrested.


At the same time, also in Gravataí, another PRF team approached a Ford truck, also fully loaded with Paraguayan cigarettes. The driver was also arrested.


Inside the trucks were six pairs of license plates. According to the prisoners, they were exchanged during the journey to deceive the police. The seizure of 600,000 packs of cigarettes and vehicles represents a loss of 3.5 million reais for criminals. Everything was conducted with the three prisoners, all from Paraná, to the federal judicial area in Porto Alegre.


Source: https://www.gov.br/prf/pt-br/noticias/estaduais/rio-grande-do-sul/mais-de-3-milhoes-de-reais-de-prejuizo-prf-apreende-dois-caminhoes-carregados-de-cigarros-contrabandeados

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