June 12, 2024

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Federal Revenue seizes BRL 15,000 worth of clothes smuggled from Guyana

On the afternoon of Tuesday, 11, the Surveillance and Repression Team (EVR) of the Federal Revenue Police Station in Boa Vista seized three bales of counterfeit shirts from Guyana, worth an estimated BRL 15,000, which were destined for the city of Maceió, in Alagoas.


According to the Federal Revenue delegate in Boa Vista, Roberto Paulo da Silva Santos, there were approximately 145 kg of shirts with clear signs of counterfeiting, raising concerns about copyright infringement and potential tax evasion.


“The seizure is part of an ongoing effort by the Federal Revenue to combat smuggling and the entry of counterfeit products into the Brazilian market. These actions are essential to protect the national economy, consumers and companies that operate legally. Seized goods not only harm tax revenue, but also negatively affect companies that fulfill their legal obligations,” said the delegate.


The shirts seized showed signs of counterfeiting, including poor quality material, irregular labels and the absence of appropriate certifications. Counterfeiting products is an illegal practice that deceives consumers and can cause damage to the health and safety of users.

Source: https://www.folhabv.com.br/policia/receita-federal-apreende-cerca-de-r-15-mil-em-roupas-contrabandeadas-da-guiana/

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